Saving our Tuna

16 Jul 2014 by Cherie Hart

The UNDP/Discovery Asia documentary, Saving our Tuna, points to a few of the means that are used to keep the catch in check. The aim of the film, which recently aired on Discovery Channel in Asia, is to raise awareness about the complex issues related to sustainability in our oceans. … Read more

In Viet Nam, community homesteads are the new law schools

10 Jul 2014 by Phan Huong Giang

Farmers in Viet NamVulnerable groups have among the lowest rates of access to justice services in Viet Nam. UN Photo.
In the past decade, Viet Nam has achieved impressive economic growth and human development, but it is increasingly evident that justice services have not been able to keep pace with these rapid changes. … Read more


09 Jul 2014

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In Bhutan, it's 'game on' for innovation

08 Jul 2014 by Jigme Dorji

Young monksYoung monks at a Bhutan monastery. Christopher Michel licensed under CC 4.0
Why an innovation developed by UNDP and the Bhutanese government could see parents in the Himalayan country encouraging young people to spend more time gaming. … Read more


04 Jul 2014

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